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    Our Philosophy

    Our role as therapists is to provide support and encouragement during a client’s time of difficulty. The conversations we have with clients gives them the freedom to express the deep emotions that often lie below the surface of ones visible emotional state. We never take for granted what an important role a therapist can play in a client’s life and consider it a privilege to be able to work with clients toward achieving mental wellness.

    Our approach to working with clients is a person-centered approach in which we believe clients have within them the strength and ability to overcome challenges in their life. As therapists, we facilitate that process and provide clients with a safe, judgement-free setting for them to do so. Our approach is genuine, authentic, empathetic, accepting and totally focused on what is best for the client.

    A person’s experiences often shapes their beliefs and their choice in thoughts and actions. When those choices result in emotional suffering and overall unhappiness, therapy can help to empower clients to make healthier choices in their relationships and life as a whole.

    Through a positive and co creative therapeutic relationship clients are able to achieve increased well-being in their overall life. This can include relief from current stressors, improved mood, increased self-esteem and self confidence, improved coping skills and communication skills all leading to the creation of healthier and more satisfying relationships.