• Chantel Coston-Lundi, CMHC, NCC, APC (Sees Georgia Clients only)

    My goal in counseling is to encourage clients to embrace one simple truth that I accepted and has helped me to sustain peace and balance.  This truth is life happens and it happens to all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, and economic status.  In our journey through this human experience, none of us are exempt from being confronted with adversities like stress, disappointment, uncertainty, loss, grief, discouragement, and even setbacks.  Most importantly, I want to encourage clients to embrace the idea that we have power in all of these situations, despite how bleak it seems!  Developing coping skills, becoming aware of attributes and shortcomings and growing empowered about your ability to overcome adversity can help ensure your full potential is realized.  I want to help you with that discovery.