• Gaielle Harris, MHC-LP

    Everyone has a moment in their lives when they feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, sadness and past traumas. It is vital during this time to prioritize your emotional needs and seek out a professional that can help give you the quality of life you deserve. Talk therapy can seem intimidating at first but having an open mind can prove to be a truly rewarding experience that can lead to a much happier and healthier existence. 

    Taking the first step is the hardest part but I encourage you to put yourself first! Together we can formulate a plan and healthy coping strategies that can help you manage your daily stress and improve your mental and emotional health. I create a safe talk space for my clients to feel free to confide in me from any form of judgment. My therapeutic style is a collaborative approach which includes a combination of CBT, psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques. I want to help you through this difficult time and be a guiding light to finding your way through these dark times.