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    Nicole Summers, MSW

    Stress, depression, and anxiety can make you overly critical of yourself. Both can suck everything it can out of you. You can feel heightened negative emotions, feelings as if things are not under control, and an altered state of mind. Things often seem uncertain and hopeless. Repeating the same day over and over with the same experiences and the only thing changing from day to day isthe clothes you wear. It’s ok to break sometimes, you’re stronger than you think you are. It’s time tostop suffering in silence and get your voice back.

    I am Nicole Summers, and I specialize in therapeutic relationships with adolescents, young adults and women, and helping them work through life changing experiences. I have a relational approach, which helps you gain insight and perspective into the root of the problem. My therapy style is a combination of cognitive therapy and talk therapy. Both styles help bring awareness to your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Let’s work together, so we can get you started on the life you desire and deserve.