• Shakira Rhiman, MHC-LP

    Life is filled with change and challenges. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Talking to a professional can help you heal, provide support, improve your overall wellness and help you discover yourself on a deeper level.  As a mental health counselor, I create a welcoming and supportive environment where an individual can express their feelings in detail without feeling judged or disapproval. 

    I take a goal-oriented, client-centered approach, focusing on the potential that each person owns. My approach includes an eclectic variety of CBT and DBT techniques, Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness Coping Strategies. 

    The journey to healing starts now! You may feel lost and you might not know how or where to start and that’s okay. Whether you are seeking therapy to heal from trauma, overcome symptoms of anxiety, or depression, manage stressful situations or are trying to navigate some big changes, I am here to help.